3 Ways a Self-Storage Unit Can Help You Begin Your Nomad Lifestyle

If you're planning to sell your house, live in your RV, and travel the country to live a nomad lifestyle, a self-storage unit could be indispensable. You may want to sell most of your belongings, but you'll probably have many things you want to keep somewhere else to avoid living in a cluttered RV. Here's how a self-storage unit will help you. 1. You Can Store Off-Season Equipment If you enjoy staying in or near national parks so you can engage in nature activities, you may have seasonal equipment you don't want to haul around all year long. Read More 

How To Pack Items And Prepare For Self Storage

If you have an upcoming move that involves self-storage, you have a lot of work to do. Any move involves a lot of work, but using self-storage means you have an added transition step. Here are three things you can do while packing to help prepare yourself for self-storage and make things a little easier: Donate Don't store things you do not really want or need. You will be charged more for larger units, so If you bring things you will end up donating later anyways, you are paying extra costs to fit these items now. Read More 

3 Tips For Renting A Storage Unit When Moving In With Roommates

If you are going through the process of moving out from your current place to an apartment or house with roommates, you may know that you will be giving up a decent amount of space. This also means that you will no longer have enough room to keep all your belongings in the house. To make sure that you are prepared for moving into this kind of living situation, you should rent a storage unit because this will prevent you from having to get rid of certain belongings. Read More 

Considerations When Looking For A Storage Unit

When you need to find a place to store some of your personal property, renting a self-storage unit is one good option to consider. Knowing your requirements before you start looking is essential and can help you as you look at the available storage facilities available in your area.  Location of the Storage Unit Often people will look for a storage unit without considering how often they may need to access the items in storage. Read More 

3 Helpful Tips When Searching For An RV Storage Unit

If you have an RV that you're not using for the time being, it may be a good idea to store it. That's easily possible, thanks to RV storage units. Finding the right one for your RV will be easy, too, if you remember these tips.  Make Sure Size is Optimal So that this storage unit works out perfectly, you need to get the right size. Getting too small of a unit won't support your RV, but too big of a unit is a waste of space. Read More