4 Keys To Picking A Storage Unit You Can Afford For Long-Term Storage

Sometimes, storing your belongings is a necessity, and sometimes, you just don't have a lot of room in your budget. If this happens to be you, keep in mind that there are ways you can find storage that falls within your price range. Here are a few ideas to consider. 

1. Always assume the price as an annual bill. 

If you look at a storage unit rental fee by the month, it is easy to proclaim that the price is totally doable. Units can range drastically in price according to: 

  • Whether the unit is climate-controlled
  • The size of the unit 
  • The level of security of the property 
  • The geographic location 

You can pay anywhere from $20 a month to $450 per month, and for a 10x10 unit, customers pay an average rate of $80 to $160 per month. Take the price quote you get from multiple places and multiply that by 12 months if you believe the unit will be necessary for that long. This can give you a better idea of how much of your annual income will have to go to storage and if the price is right. 

2. Determine what each piece you store will cost you and eliminate what you can. 

Finding the square feet of floor space for your unit will give you an idea of how much stuff will cost to store. Something massive, such as a large dresser or a boat, will take up more space so these items will naturally cost you more to store. 

3. Search outside of big cities for storage. 

If you are not finding prices within your city that fit your ideal budget for storage, step outside of city limits and see what may be available elsewhere in neighboring smaller towns. Storage is often in higher demand in larger places because of the high concentration of people, so it is not uncommon for prices to be lower in outlying areas. 

4. Skip the special amenities where you can. 

Just like hotels, storage facilities will have a heightened price if they have more amenities. Something like private storage access points, digitized locks, and even attendants on-site around-the-clock can make operational costs higher. This can raise the rates the storage facility has to charge. If you have a slim budget, stick with the more basic storage facilities that give you typical storage without a lot of extras that may not be necessities.