3 Tips For Renting A Storage Unit When You Have Physical Limitations

Renting a storage unit may be a straightforward process, but this does not mean that you should head to the closest facility to your home and sign onto a rental lease. Looking at several different facilities and analyzing each of their features and qualities will help you make the right choice.

If you are physically limited and not able to use a storage unit in the same way as someone who is completely healthy, you should keep this in mind when getting rental storage.

Height Considerations

When you analyze storage units, you will likely find different ceiling heights between them. If you find two storage units that are the same size and one has a taller ceiling, you will have more storage potential. However, when you are physically limited, you will find it safer to avoid using a storage unit all the way to the ceiling since you may not be able to access the area easily.

This means that you should avoid taking the ceiling height into consideration when picking a unit because your safest option is to only store as high as you can reach comfortably.

Unit Distance

Finding a storage unit that is close to where you are able to park your vehicle is ideal because it will keep you from having to travel far just to access your storage. This often means that you will benefit from picking an outdoor unit, especially when you can park alongside your unit. If you have physical limitations, you may appreciate only having to walk a few feet to reach the storage.

If you are determined to get an indoor unit, you should take your time analyzing facilities until you find one that allows you to park close to the building entrance. Then, you should make sure a unit is available that is either on the first floor or close to an elevator on the inside. This will allow you to rent an indoor storage unit while also minimizing the distance you must travel.

Moving Equipment

Once you rent a storage unit, you will need to figure out a solution for storing your belongings. Being able to use a hand truck and furniture dolly to move furniture, boxes, and oversized items around will help tremendously because they reduce how much physical work you have to do.

To make sure that you can use this kind of equipment to store items, you should analyze all the paths on a storage facility including the roads and sidewalks to determine smoothness. If you find smooth paths and roads without bumps and gaps, you can use this equipment confidently.

Using these tips will help you rent and use a storage unit when you are physically limited.

For more information, contact a self-storage service in your area.