Tips For Using A Storage Unit For Off-Season Tools And Sports Equipment

If you're tired of your garage being a cramped and cluttered mess, it's time to think about renting a storage unit. Moving off-season tools and sports equipment to a storage unit would give you more space in your garage to feel comfortable. Here are some tips for renting and using a storage unit.

Consider The Best Size

Some units are small like a large closet you may have in your house. That might be all the space you need as long as you utilize it properly. A small unit saves money too since the bigger the unit, the more it costs. However, you don't want to rent a unit that's so small it's overcrowded or not everything fits. Keeping your belongings organized and easy to reach is important for enjoying your storage space.

Decide About Climate Control

If you'll only use the storage unit for things from your garage, you may not need climate control since the things are used to all kinds of weather. You'll save money on your monthly rental if you don't get climate control, but if you need it, it's worth the cost so your belongings aren't ruined.

If you also add items from inside your house such as an appliance or furniture, you might need climate control to protect them from damage, so consider what you're putting in your until when deciding if you should get storage with climate control.

Consider An Organizational System

You can't add shelves to the wall of a storage unit, but you can bring a freestanding organizational system to your unit if it will help you stay organized. If you keep things orderly, your storage unit will be just like a closet where you know where everything is located. Plus, putting things on shelves keeps them off of the ground where they might draw insects or dampness.

Invest In A High-Quality Lock

You'll probably need to provide your own lock for your unit, and you want to buy one that isn't easy to break or pick. You may keep expensive lawn equipment, bicycles, kayaks, and other equipment in your unit and you want it to be safe. You may want to read up on the different kinds of locks so you understand the weak points of each.

If you buy a lock that can't be cut open, then be sure to keep a spare key or write the code down because the facility won't be able to open the lock either. That could result in extra expenses from a locksmith to get your unit open again.

For more information, contact a storage facility near you.