Tips For Using A Self-Storage Unit To Keep Your Summer Garden, Pool, And Boating Supplies Safe

When the warm weather comes to an end, you may find that you need a storage solution for all of your water toys, patio furniture, and garden equipment for the winter. If you're tired of a crowded and cluttered garage, consider renting a self-storage unit. Your summer belongings will be safe and secure while you wait for warm weather to return.

If you do decide to use a self-storage unit for your summer things, here are a few tips for keeping summer belongings in a self-storage unit.

Decide If You Need Climate Control

Climate control is nice to have since it protects your things from freezing temperatures, but you may not need climate control for items that would normally be stored in a garage or shed. Think about what you'll put in your unit and if it could survive long cold spells without damage. If you want to make sure your things have the best protection possible, then look into climate-controlled self-storage.

Make Sure Everything Is Dry

Make sure all of your belongings are dry before storing them, especially items likely to get wet like pool and boating supplies. Mold could start growing on wet items, giving them a musty odor or even ruining them. Take time to dry your items carefully, and you may even want to put things on shelves or bring in pallets so your belongings are kept off of the floor away from any potential puddles or dampness.

Ask About Storing Your Boat And Other Large Items

Some self-storage facilities allow you to store large things like boats and jet skis. If you want to keep these things or a large riding mower in a storage unit, ask the facility about the proper procedure for storing items that hold gas and oil. Gas is not usually allowed in a storage unit, so you might need to drain the gas and winterize your equipment so they survive the cold weather without any damage.

Be Sure To Buy A Sturdy Lock

You might buy your lock from the storage facility, or you might want to buy one from a locksmith. A sturdy lock is essential to protect your unit from looters who might try to open your unit with bolt cutters. The risk of that happening may be low, especially if your storage facility is in a good neighborhood and has a good security system, but you don't want to take any chances with a simple padlock that is easy to break apart. Disc locks are commonly used for self-storage units. They may cost more, but the extra security they provide is worth it.