Five Ways Self-Storage Can Help Your Online Store Succeed

When you started your online store, you likely started slowly by putting up a few items until you achieved some success, and then added more to your store a little at a time. However, you might now have a store that has grown to the point where you need to slow things down a bit, because your inventory is overrunning your home. This is why you should read here about five of the ways a self-storage unit can help your store succeed. 

1: Set Up Proper Shelving

While you may be limited with regards to the shelving you can erect in your home, due to space issues and furniture, you won't be limited in a self-storage unit. You can rent the size you need and you will have three complete walls where you can put in the shelving you need for your merchandise and any other equipment or supplies you need to have on hand. You can also go higher up with the shelving than you would likely be able to go in your home. 

2: Organize Your Merchandise

You may have removed items from your online store because you thought you had sold out of them, only to find more buried under other items, or even hidden by furniture. When you have a storage unit, you will finally be able to store your inventory and catalog it in a way that makes everything easy to find and prevents this type of issue from happening again. 

3: Have More Stock on Hand

You may not have been able to purchase items in bulk, like you would have preferred, because your home limited the amount you could store. This may mean you were paying higher prices for your merchandise. Once you have a storage unit, you will be able to make those bulk orders so you can have more in stock. This will save you money.

4: Keep Shipping Materials in Stock

Due to the limited space in your home, you may have only been able to keep limited shipping supplies. This could lead to you taking shortcuts when packing items and causing you to get some returns due to breakage during shipping. When you have a storage unit, you also have the room you need to keep plenty of packaging materials on hand. 

5: Keep Everything in New Condition

When you are keeping your merchandise in your home, it may be exposed to things like pet hair, smoke, and other things that can cause buyers to be upset. With a storage unit, you can keep everything stored in a clean and odor-free space, so you can prevent future issues.

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