8 Smart Tips For Putting Items Into Your Storage Unit

When you rent a storage unit, it is important to make sure you keep things organized and easy to access. When it comes to putting items into your storage unit, there are some smart ways to go about it.

Smart Tip #1: Clean First

First, you are going to want to clean the storage unit. The storage unit should already be clean, but it doesn't hurt to wipe down the walls and sweep the storage unit to ensure it is clean before you start to move your items into the storage unit.

Smart Tip #2: Raise Things Up

Second, you shouldn't put things directly on the ground of your storage unit. The floor in most storage units is made of concrete, which can retain and transfer moisture. To be on the safe side, you shouldn't place your things directly on the ground. Instead, you should put pallets on the floor to raise your items off the ground.

Smart Tip #3: Clean and Dry Items

Third, make sure anything you are storing is both clean and dry. Don't put dirty items into your storage unit; the dirt can damage the items over time and can attract pests. When you clean items, be sure to give them enough time to dry off before putting them in storage. Wet or damp items can attract mold and mildew, which can spread and damage other items in your storage unit.

Smart Tip #4: Use Shelving

Fourth, keep things organized. You can purchase and install shelving inside of your storage unit. You can add hooks to hang up items. You are going to want to keep everything organized to access your items in the future easily.

Smart Tip #5: Order by Importance

When you put items into your storage unit, put items that you know you will need to grab frequently closer to the front of the unit. Place items you know you will not need to access as frequently further back into the unit. That way, when you need to grab out your winter clothing, for example, you don't have to go through your whole unit to find your winter clothing because it is stored in a labeled box near the front of your unit.

Smart Tip #6: Break Down Furniture

If you have any furniture to put into storage, see if you can break it down into smaller parts. For example, on most dining room tables, you can take the legs off, and on some dining room tables, the table has leaves that can come apart. Or you can take your bookshelf apart. Breaking down furniture into smaller parts can make it easier to fit into your storage unit.

Remember to cover up your furniture with furniture blankets or with old sheets or blankets. Don't use plastic coverings, as plastic can hold in moisture and damage your furniture.

Smart Tip #7: Label Boxes

Next, always label everything. On each box, put a list on the side that lists everything that is inside of the box. Put a large label on the top of each box that categorizes what is inside the box, such as kitchen items, clothing, towels, etc. The more detailed your labels, the easier it will be for you to find things.

Smart Tip #8: Keep an Inventory

Finally, keep an inventory of everything in your storage unit. You can number your boxes and then list what is inside of each box for your storage inventory. List all larger pieces, such as furniture or sports equipment, individually on your inventory. Your inventory will help you keep track of what you have in your storage unit. It will also be important to use the inventory for an insurance claim if your items are ever damaged.

If you are renting a storage unit, fully utilize and organize the space from the beginning. Clean the storage unit, install shelving and hooks to organize your belongings, and use pallets to elevate larger items off the ground. Clean everything before it goes into storage and label all boxes. Keep essential things near the front of the unit and keep an inventory list, so you know what is inside of your storage unit at all times.

For more information, contact a local storage facility.