3 Items That Require Heated Storage

Storage units that offer access to climate-controlled space tend to be pricier than their standard counterparts. The higher price tag can scare some consumers away, but there are times when investing in a heated storage unit is essential to the protection of your stored items.

If you are looking to store any of the following three items (on a long or short-term basis), splurge for a heated unit to prevent serious damage over time.

1. Original Artwork

Original pieces of art can be worth a significant amount of money. If they become damaged while in storage, you could lose both the aesthetic and financial value of the piece.

Art must be stored at a specific temperature to prevent the canvas from shrinking or expanding too much and damaging the paint, oil, or watercolors used to create the piece. Exposure to too much heat could also cause the canvas to turn yellow, detracting from the value of the piece.

Experts suggest storing original artwork at a temperature between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Only a heated storage unit will allow you to maintain a safe and constant temperature for your art in the future.

2. Musical Instruments

Many musical instruments find their way into storage at some point during their lifetime. It's important that you reserve a heated storage unit if you plan to house any musical instruments in storage for an extended period of time.

Musical instruments should not be exposed to cold temperatures. Moisture within the instrument can freeze and cause irreparable damage. Valves and slides can contract, leaving your instrument out of tune.

You should always store musical instruments in a heated storage unit to protect the integrity of the instrument and ensure it produces a clear and pleasing sound when played.

3. Wine

Wine is a highly collectible beverage. If you want to start amassing a collection of high-end wines, you will need a heated storage unit. Exposure to cold temperatures can slow the aging process. Extremely cold temperatures can cause the wine to freeze and expand, damaging the cork and compromising the quality of the wine.

The ideal temperature for storing most wines is 55 degrees Fahrenheit. A heated storage unit will allow you to maintain this temperature regardless of the temperature fluctuations occurring outdoors while your wine bottles are in storage.

Don't let your valuable items sustain temperature-related damage. Invest in a heated storage unit to preserve the integrity of items like artwork, musical instruments, and bottles of wine.

For more information, reach out to a storage company that offers heated storage options.