5 Tips For Packing Effectively For Storage

When you are moving items into storage, and not just making a quick move to a new rental across town, you want to spend a little more time packing and preparing your belongings. When you have to put your items into storage, you generally need to store your items for a longer period of time.

Tip #1: Use Boxes for Packing

When it comes to what to pack your items in for storage, stick to cardboard boxes. Cardboard moving boxes are designed to be sturdy. You can easily stack similar-sized boxes on top of one another, or stack smaller boxes on top of large boxes.

Boxes are also great to use because they do not trap moisture as plastic does. Both plastic boxes and plastic bags can trap moisture, which can then lead to mildew, which can ruin whatever is being stored.

Tip #2: Always Label Everything

As you pack your belongings into boxes, be sure to label each box. Don't just put a generic label, such as "Bathroom" on the box; you should also include an itemized list of what is in the box. That way, if you need to pull out individual boxes, you will be able to pull out the right box without having to go through five boxes labeled bathroom to find your hair straightener. Effective labeling will make your storage unit a more effective tool.

Tip #3: Take Care with Fragile Items

For items that are fragile, you are going to want to be careful with them. Securely wrap the item up in bubble wrap, or you can even use towels or linens to wrap up fragile items. Place lots of cushioning material around fragile items, and don't overpack the box. In addition to an inventory list, write "Fragile" on all sides to the box. When stacking boxes in your storage unit, put these boxes on top of everything.

Tip #4: Use a Wardrobe Box

For your clothing, consider purchasing a few wardrobe boxes. Wardrobe boxes are not that expensive, and they allow you to hang up your clothes when you put them into storage. This will keep your clothing in good shape and prevent damaging wrinkles and creases in your clothing.

Tip #5: Never Store Food Items

Finally, never store food items in your storage unit, even well-sealed food items. The risk of the food leaking out, and attracting pests, is too high. If you can't use up food items, donate them.

When it comes to packing up items to put them in storage, use cardboard, not plastic. Always label everything and take extra care with fragile items. Never put food items in your storage unit and consider investing in a few wardrobe boxes for your clothes. With the right preparation, your items will easily make it through their time in storage.

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