3 Ways a Self-Storage Unit Can Help You Begin Your Nomad Lifestyle

If you're planning to sell your house, live in your RV, and travel the country to live a nomad lifestyle, a self-storage unit could be indispensable. You may want to sell most of your belongings, but you'll probably have many things you want to keep somewhere else to avoid living in a cluttered RV. Here's how a self-storage unit will help you.

1. You Can Store Off-Season Equipment

If you enjoy staying in or near national parks so you can engage in nature activities, you may have seasonal equipment you don't want to haul around all year long. A self-storage unit is a perfect place to keep skis, a canoe, fishing equipment, a snowmobile, and even off-season clothing until you're ready for it.

You can visit your storage unit periodically and meet up with the family and friends you left behind so it wouldn't be inconvenient to stop by your storage unit at the change of seasons.

2. You Can Save Things You Can't Part With

You don't want your RV to be cluttered with things you rarely use. When you just take the necessities, you'll travel lighter and have more space. However, you may have belongings you want to keep for your new home once your RV traveling days are over.

Furniture, clothing, and home decor items will stay safe and secure in a storage unit. If you're concerned about how well they'll tolerate long-term storage, you can rent a climate-controlled unit so your belongings won't be exposed to cold, excess heat, or high humidity.

3. You Can Store All Your Possessions

If you only plan to live on the road for a year or two, you may not want to sell all of your furniture and other belongings since you'll just have to replace it all eventually. If you sell your house, or if you rent and don't want to keep paying rent, you'll need somewhere to store all of your things until you're ready to find another permanent place to live.

Storage units come in a variety of sizes. You can rent a small one to keep valuables safe while you're away, or you can rent a large unit that will hold all of your furniture and other household goods. You may even want to keep a car or boat in storage so you're free to travel the country without worry over the security of things you left behind.