How To Pack Items And Prepare For Self Storage

If you have an upcoming move that involves self-storage, you have a lot of work to do. Any move involves a lot of work, but using self-storage means you have an added transition step. Here are three things you can do while packing to help prepare yourself for self-storage and make things a little easier:


Don't store things you do not really want or need. You will be charged more for larger units, so If you bring things you will end up donating later anyways, you are paying extra costs to fit these items now. Preparing to store can be a great way to purge unwanted things and help you have a fresh start with less clutter when you arrive at your final destination. 

Organize and Pack Well

Organizing your belongings so they can be sorted into boxes is a step you don't want to skip. Placing things in boxes meant for specific rooms can be a great way to stay organized. Keeping things all together in boxes clearly labeled with like things can make unpacking a breeze. Wrapping breakables in the proper materials so they do not break as you move them in and out of self-storage will give you peace of mind. If you need to access any items during their time in storage, you will be very grateful you took these steps. Being able to quickly identify what box something would be located in is a huge convenience. Be sure to not overpack boxes. Self-storage leaves you or the help you hire to do the moving of all your belongings. Packing boxes too heavy can be dangerous to lift and leave you at risk for dropping things and damaging items. Label boxes clearly and consider writing out a few specific items that are in each box.

Read Your Self Storage Contract

You will want to read the entire contract before you sign any contract for self-storage. You should understand any fees that are associated with the monthly storage unit and any other rules that pertain to you. Some self-storage units have hours you can come and access your unit, make sure these hours work for you. Find a self-storage facility with pricing that fits your budget. You may find better rates if you sign a six or year-long contract instead of a month to month option.

Self-storage facilities can be a great way to safely store your belongings while you are transitioning. Find a facility that fits your budget and pack things well so they are kept safe during transportation and storage!