3 Tips For Renting A Storage Unit When Moving In With Roommates

If you are going through the process of moving out from your current place to an apartment or house with roommates, you may know that you will be giving up a decent amount of space. This also means that you will no longer have enough room to keep all your belongings in the house.

To make sure that you are prepared for moving into this kind of living situation, you should rent a storage unit because this will prevent you from having to get rid of certain belongings.

Fragile Items

Whether you intend on leaving your bedroom door open or closed on a regular basis, you should consider storing your most fragile items until you learn more about your home and roommates. This will help you enjoy a smooth transition because you will not have to worry about fragile items breaking while you are gone or even when you are at home and not in your bedroom.

For the most part, you will want to store items made of ceramic and glass because these materials are most likely to break into small pieces and pose a major challenge with restoration. To pack these items, you should invest in reliable protection by wrapping them in paper or bubble wrap.


Another thing worth putting into a storage unit where you feel confident about safety and security is your most valuable belongings. An excellent example is jewelry because it can give you peace of mind to put such high-value items into a storage unit rather than an unfamiliar place.

Over time, as you learn more about your roommates' habits and qualities, you can determine whether you feel comfortable enough to bring these valuable items into your own bedroom.


When you think about what to put into storage aside from fragile items and valuables, you must determine what you intend on bringing into the bedroom. For instance, if you have kitchenware and bathroom supplies that you don't want to share, you will likely want to store them, toss them, or find another home for them.

Getting rid of low-cost items that you do not plan to bring into your bedroom will help you rent the smallest storage unit, which will ultimately save you a lot of money down the line.

If you are getting ready to move out of a place where you own everything into a condo or house with roommates, you should rent a storage unit to help you with the major transition.

To learn more about this option, contact a self-storage facility.